Maxon Crumb's HardCore Mother is a unique combination of masterful storytelling and artwork. Some appetizers? Read on!

Robert Crumb, famous Underground Comic artist, comments on his brother Maxon's new book:
"One of the strangest, quirkiest pieces of literature I've ever read.
"It is bizarre in the extreme well written, interesting, entertaining even a bit harrowing where do such ideas come from?
"[HardCore Mother] is on the outer edge of utter strangeness, perversity, and inverted human imagination not digestible for the general public, certainly only for a very small elite of aficionados of such stuff
"Beautiful work [Maxon]'s in his creative prime."

Michael H. Price, Cremo Studios, writes:
"Brilliant. The author not only knows where he's coming from, but he has a courageous sense of direction as well."

From Maxon Crumb's Introduction of HardCore Mother:
"When you know the full story of what life is, when you dive into the inner works, wow! -- Perverse is the core of living things on levels of being, intense and real, where our usual human values - Catholic, Christian, Techno-crassism, Psychology - are decoration, only. Then in the core of the core of the gut, is the illusive seed, and there again sense establishes its real rule, the talkin' dirty finally yields to the cosmic engineers. This story tells the story of that. See if you're clever enough to find it in the maze of the juicy crimes contained therein."

Curious? Click here for an excerpt from Chapter 1 or here for a part of Chapter 5.

All artwork taken from Maxon Crumb's new book HardCore Mother and (c) 2000 Maxon Crumb.